City Guide
City Parks and Gardens

     Borisova Garden is the biggest park within the city area. Its former name is The Park of Freedom. Soon after it was named after Bulgarian Prince Boris III.Today it is considered the most beautiful and maintained park in Sofia. Borisova Garden is the favourite recreation place of most citizens of Sofia. There indeed you will find Ariana Lake, the National Stadium Vassil Levski, the stadium of Bulgarian Army, tennis courts, playgrounds, swimming pools, bars and restaurants and most important - tranquillity and recreation possibilities.

     The Southern Park is the second largest park in Sofia after Borisova Garden. It lies to the south of Bulgaria blvd. Numerous kids playgrounds, walking paths with trees, shady pathways, sculptures, memorial of noted persons are included in its territory. The Park is vast, well maintained, peaceful and not so noisy as other Sofia parks and most importantly it provides spectacular views towards Vitosha Mountain.

     Oborishte Park (Zaimov`s Garden) has a prime city location. The park borders Yanko Sakuzov Boulevard. The park is the first free public Wi-Fi zone in Sofia. Being compared to the Southern Park, Zaimov`s Garden does not dispose of shady pathways and small forests. However, there you will find beautiful flowerbeds, refreshing fountains, sport facilities for bootball and tenis, and many happy people. Hence, it is a wonderful place to visit and have some resort, and don’t forget to take your camera.

     The Doctors’ Garden is located close to major state institutions and historic memorials of Sofia. Doctors’ garden is part of the old center of Sofia /also called Old Sofia/. It is one of Sofia`s best parks with a neat and compact array of children’s playgrounds, flowerbeds and bushes. Doctors’ Garden is just behind the National Library, and it is considered one of the smartest residential areas in town, so the beautiful, secluded and well-maintained park is a pleasant place to spend an hour or so.

     The City Garden is located between Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd to the north, Knyaz Alexander Batenberg to the west and Gourko Street to the south. Take a break and rest up in the leafy City Garden, with its charming cafés, flowerbeds rich in colour and fabulous fountain, around which old men usually gather to play chess in a sunny weather. The mausoleum of Bulgaria's first communist ruler, Georgi Dimitrov, used to be situated at the northern end of the park facing the Royal Palace.